Online Teacher Training
Yoga Nidra Training
Course Aims
To examine Yoga Nidra practice and theory  in depth, from both classical and contemporary perspectives, providing a comprehensive foundation for experiencing and teaching Yoga Nidra.
You will be required to practice and investigate 3 different approaches, using scripts from different schools/lineages in order to deepen your own practice and understanding of some of the different styles available, both ancient and modern. This  immersion in the practice for 6 months means you become the student as you surrender to Yoga Nidra. Not only will you relax, regenerate and know yourself better, you'll be well prepared to teach this amazing healing practice to others with confidence, authority and grace.

The required hours of practice and theory guide you, whilst simultaneously preparing you to guide and teach others. Practicing, studying and comparing different approaches to Yoga Nidra leads to a deeper understanding and experience of both classical and contemporary methods.

On successful completion, you will be equipped to offer well-informed, safe teaching to yoga teachers, health care professionals, social workers, students - anyone interested in learning. You will also have gained greater insight into yourself and the extraordinary gifts of the ancient practice of Yoga Nidra.

Course hours are approximately 100:
 75 hours personal practice, 25 hours research and assignments.
Average weekly hours: 4
Module 1 

History and development of Yoga Nidra; Yoga Nidra – defining what it is and what it is not; is Yoga Nidra a form of hypnosis?;    comparing classical and contemporary approaches to the practice; structure of Yoga Nidra practice; developing your own practice.

Module 2 

The physiology of relaxation; stress and brainwaves; sankalpa, rotation of consciousness, opposites, visualisations; meditation and Yoga Nidra; the physical benefits of Yoga Nidra; the mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of Yoga Nidra.

Module 3 

Recorded Yoga Nidra scripts; Yoga Nidra without a script; Yoga Nidra scripts for ‘live’ practice; creating your own Yoga Nidra script and recording; koshas, chakras and symbols; mantras and chants; silence.

Module 4 

Introducing Yoga Nidra to students; Yoga Nidra workshops; one-to-one sessions; Yoga Nidra for specific conditions; Yoga Nidra for children and young people; adverse reactions.

  "Love is the soul's light, the taste of the morning, 
            no me, no we, no claim of being."