Simon Bowmer, mental health nurse, mindfulness based teacher, ACT therapist, Yorkshire, UK

I enrolled and completed the Classical Yoga Nidra teacher training course in 2018. Jane informed me about the Trauma Informed Yoga Nidra course in June 2019. It was been a fantastic course covering trauma and grief up to the latest research. As a practicing senior mental health nurse I have learned so much more in detail about trauma and PTSD. The course covers the biological and psychological treatments of PTSD and explains why trauma Informed Yoga Nidra and indeed Yoga as a whole can be such a great adjunctive tool which can foster empowerment and hope for people suffering from trauma and grief.

I loved the bibliography of this course and its diversity. Jane has put together an excellent, informative and well-researched course. There is also valuable space for continued practice and reflection on personal practice of Yoga Nidra.

Diana Mason, Richmond, London 

As a yoga teacher, I found the course very interesting and Jane is very knowledgeable and also very supportive in dealing with any queries I had. The feedback was clear and very helpful and left me feeling confident to go further in my practice and teaching of Yoga Nidra. So much so that I am planning, in the near future, to do the Advanced Yoga Nidra course with Jane.

Alexandra Scott, Scotland

Jane is a very approachable teacher with lots of experience and patience for personal circumstances.  She is very supportive throughout, particularly if discussing personal trauma that may arise throughout the course.  Coming from an academic background, Jane helped me speak my own truth from the heart and I have to say the entire course was very healing not only for my clients, but for my family and I.

Stacey Firman UK

This Yoga Nidra Course (journey) has been highly educational, emotional and joyous to see the results from this wonderful practice. I highly recommend this course to anyone wishing to gain further knowledge in Yoga Nidra and to teach others.

Thank you so much for this wonderful experience Jane.

Simon Bowmer, mental health nurse, mindfulness based teacher, ACT therapist, UK

I found Yoga Nidra, and indeed this course, at a time when I felt I needed to manage myself – even more so working within secondary mental health care in the NHS. It is a deeply rewarding and immersive course. Jane has a wealth of insight and experience, which she compassionately conveys throughout the course. She is always there to reply to questions very quickly and brilliantly. Thank you Jane. 

Cheryl Booker, Hants, UK

This Yoga Nidra course was insightful and enjoyable. It reminded me of the importance of deep relaxation and that this is something we all need and will benefit from. A lot of yoga nowadays is focused on doing power moves and lots of them. Yoga Nidra gives us permission to stop and be still, a vital skill for these busy times we now live in.

The coursework was paced really well and built upon itself each month. I would recommend this to anyone – whether you are interested purely for your own practice or to go on and teach. It was a great course; enjoyable and created and taught by someone who is clearly knowledgeable and passionate about Yoga Nidra.

Chiara Giroletti, Bristol, UK

I decided to take this course in a challenging period of my life, and I did not know that everything was going to getting worse and worse. Yoga Nidra has helped me to come out of this dark side and find a bit of light and courage to come out of it. Jane was always supportive during this period, I felt supported and not alone.

Mandy Symons

This course has been very supportive to me at a difficult period in my life.  I was anxious about not completing it in time but with Jane’s support, feedback and encouragement, I completed it within the 6 months.  Jane has replied/ spoken with me regarding concerns I have had throughout the 6 months, and has pointed out things I have overlooked. The course has been there for me at a time I needed it! The practice will remain part of my daily life and I’m looking forward to what unfolds in the future. It’s a subtle, profound, heartfelt practise. I hope I can share this with others wishing to heal at a deeper level.  Jane,  I thank you from my core. Namaste

Veronica Layunta-Maurel, Yoga Teacher and Ayurveda Consultant  

The Yoga Nidra Teacher Training by Classical Yoga is an in-depth training with so much heart in it. It has taken me into a very worthwhile journey personal, professional and spiritual. The teachings are clear yet profound, tutors are knowledgeable and extremely supportive.

Unlike some other online courses, there is always a human being to personally guide you through the process and answer questions. I am grateful I came across this course and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning more, practicing and delivering yoga nidra sessions. Thank you Jane and Classical Yoga.

Giles Cleghorn, Registered Osteopath and Homeopath, Bath

I have had a very rewarding journey with Jane. It was such a good opportunity to go into the subject in depth and maintain a sustained practice over many months with her support. I have really seen some positive personal changes and I feel confident to teach other people this wonderful path. Jane was most helpful in guiding me and her feedback was truthful and compassionate. I am very grateful to have met her and been able to work with her in learning Yoga Nidra.

Jill Booth, Vietnam

I loved the yoga nidra course, the information given was structured well, which maximised learning potential. Jane’s feedback and her response to questions were swift. Whether you do this course for your own personal practice or to teach others it will greatly enhance your life. Highly recommended; thank you Jane.

Helen Forsman, 

I found this course very interesting and I very much appreciated taking the time to really experience YN and adopting it as part of my daily practice. The benefits have been very rewarding on many levels. As a yoga teacher, I now confidently enjoy sharing Yoga Nidra with others.

Sarah Ramal, UK

I enjoyed all of the entire yoga nidra course, despite the chaos that was going on around me at home during most of it! I particularly loved the theory of how it works and the practice element.

Nicole Uprichard Dorset, UK

I have just completed a wonderful six months journey of learning the practice of Yoga Nidra through studying with Jane.  What a beautifully created course, covering so much and giving much personal space for growth. I have discovered a wonderful sense of calm, inner peace and strength through the course and practice of Yoga Nidra.  The course is very well structured and balanced. Jane’s feedback to the coursework questions was always constructive, kind and very helpful.  I can wholeheartedly recommend the course. I have fully immersed myself in the study and personal practice of Yoga Nidra, and the course provides a helpful and manageable format.  It has been a true gift of healing and joy to have discovered Jane’s course.   Namaste.

Lori Corbet Mann, Scotland 

This is a deeply experiential and immersive course exploring the transformative practice of Yoga Nidra. Not only is Jane an obviously highly experienced and knowledgeable teacher, but she is also an insightful, patient, and compassionate one. The addition of these personal qualities takes Jane’s teaching to a standard which is second-to-none.

I’ve learned a great deal from the course, with Jane’s comprehensive feedback providing me with a depth of insight that is not available from books and recordings. I would highly recommend the course for anyone looking to teach – or deepen their personal practice of – Yoga Nidra.

Julie Daigle, RYA 200 hour teacher, USA

I can confidently recommend this course, particularly to those who are looking for something that provides them with concrete materials with which to begin to share their own practice of Yoga Nidra with others, and for those who are interested in exploring a comprehensive assessment of/approach to Yoga Nidra.  

Lynn Denvir, UK

It’s been a brilliant course, I’ve learnt so much and your encouragement and support have been much appreciated.  I really enjoyed learning the different styles of Yoga Nidra and what I did (and didn’t like) and to practice almost every day for 4 months has made such a positive difference to my life.  I honestly can’t think of anything that could be improved.

Sarah Bradbury, UK 

This was an excellent, well-structured course, clear, informative and enjoyable.  I have all the tools, knowledge and definitely the confidence to get out there and do it.  I can definitely see myself teaching YN, as this course has really taught me the value of relaxation and becoming more aware of our real selves.  And I have reaped the benefits (still am) and really want to share it with others.

Victoria Negrete, USA

“This course has proved to be a wonderful experience for me. Jane’s course materials are clear and informative and have helped me to gain a solid understanding of this ancient and sacred practice. The course also encourages you to undertake your own investigation and to develop your own relationship to Yoga Nidra through daily practice over the course of several months – in this way you gain very valuable direct experience which undoubtedly better equips you to share the practice with others.

Jane is an excellent guide into the world of Yoga Nidra, her feedback and guidance is certainly a highlight of the experience of studying with her. But more than anything I have gained appreciation for what I feel will come to be a foundational spiritual practice in my life – in the last few months alone I have noticed significant beneficial effects from undertaking this training and making Yoga Nidra a part of my daily life. I highly recommend this course – it has been a deeply enriching and transformative experience for me as I imagine it has been for many others.”

Melissa Makan 

“I studied and qualified in Yoga Nidra with Jane Mackarness at Classical Yoga and it was an experience that will stay with me forever. Not only does Yoga Nidra give you a deeper connection to yourself, but the content of the course, the way it has been put together, in addition to Jane’s support, guidance, feedback and teaching style all work amazingly to help you get to what Yoga Nidra is and isn’t and more importantly, feel really confident in teaching it to others and delivering classes.

I feel proud that my classes are getting so much out of it and that’s down to Jane and her teaching style – she brings the best out in you and teaches Yoga Nidra in the purest way, as it was intended. The way the course is structured – you change as a person as you learn more about it as it’s in the practice itself. I’m now much calmer, happier, content, connected to my inner-self and self-accepting and I’m excited about the future of The Yoga Nidra and helping others to feel the same and more”.

Yohan Stasse, yoga teacher, interpreter/translator

‘Whether you desire to deepen your peace and joy, or you are looking for self-healing, or simply, you have encountered Yoga Nidra and it made you curious, this course is for you. What you can learn from it is priceless, and it will positively affect all aspects of your life.

Jane is a very insightful teacher whose guidance is a blessing at every turn.  I heartily recommend her training.’

Sara Waymont, War Artist, Therapeutic Artist, Traumatic Incident Practitioner (TRiM), Yoga Nidra teacher 

“I decided to take the Classical Yoga course after scouring the internet for both ‘live’ and ‘online’ Yoga Nidra Teacher trainings. Many of those offered in-person were short two-day courses and those that were offered online didn’t seem to offer the depth that I was looking for.

I wanted my Yoga Nidra TT to be an immersive experience and that’s exactly what this course offers; four to six months of daily Yoga Nidra practice and regular support and advice from Jane. I was impressed by Jane’s hugely knowledgeable background, but I also felt that her understanding of personal tragedy made her someone with whom I would be able to connect. The best bit was that I didn’t feel as though I was undertaking distance learning. Jane was there to guide me every step of the way, providing prompt and effective feedback.

I have learned so much about the practice of Yoga Nidra and how to be an effective teacher, but even more about myself. Daily Yoga Nidra practice helped me to find a profound peace that I was able to bring into my everyday life, and has really changed the way that I react and respond to the world around me.

I am hoping to offer the practice to others, like me, who have been through traumatic experiences and Jane was very conscious of and sensitive to this from the start.  She offered advice not only on the coursework assignments that I submitted, but also suggested ways in which I could use my Yoga Nidra practice to support myself in everyday life.

If you’re unsure whether or not to commit to an online training, I can’t recommend this course highly enough. You will receive a thorough education in the history, practice and teaching skills required to deliver Yoga Nidra effectively, as well as consistent and concise feedback and support. You are required to submit a teaching practice as part of your assignments, as well as deliver a Yoga Nidra session to a person of your choice. This means that you are equipped with the ‘real world’ skills needed to actually teach the practice, rather than just the theoretical knowledge behind it.

I’m really glad I decided to undertake this training and can’t wait to share with others everything that I have learned.  If everybody practiced Yoga Nidra the world would be a much nicer place. Thank you Jane for a brilliant course!”

Romy Siemens, Yoga Teacher, Berlin, Germany

“Taking the Yoga Nidra Teacher Training was the best decision I made last year. It helped me to find a daily Yoga Nidra practice and to clear my mind. The Teacher Training supported me to recover my creativity and to realize what I really wanted to change in my life. As a yoga teacher, it gave me the skills and tools to lead my students into a deep savasana. I often combine Yoga Nidra with Yin Yoga.

Jane is a very good teacher who takes her time for every student. She answers quickly, very detailed and was always helpful. Her support is great. I am very grateful and I strongly recommend the Yoga Nidra Teacher Training.”  Namasté, Romy

Caroline M, Wales 

“I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you so much for walking into my life when you did with this wonderful course, it has restored my confidence in my ability.”

Reginald Crawford, USA

I really enjoyed the course, I gained a deeper understanding of yoga nidra and how to incorporate it into my life. The course material was excellent and Jane answered every question I asked. I am very grateful to have had this course and Classicalyoga as a part of my journey.

Kristi, three OMs, Alberta, Canada

“To love fully is to live fully… to meet the experience of grief allows the heart to love even more.” This course has given me the realistic compassion and the courage to share how yoga and mindfulness can help those who are grieving. The assignments were designed to give me the “hands on” time to develop a class series and a workshop so that all I have to do now is walk out the door and start teaching. I am ready to go! Thank you Jane for all of your wisdom and insight.

Kim Louise Burnell, Massage Therapist, UK

It is thanks to finding, committing to the work AND the practice that has brought realisation and life to the benefits and value of Yoga Nidra. A true peeling of the extra weight I have/had been carrying has begun.  This has been made possible by Jane’s gentleness, understanding, patience and guidance throughout the course. And aided with her own openness and sharing on her practice with Yoga Nidra.

For me, taking this course over a longer period (as opposed to a weekend) has firmly established a healthy self-care pattern within my mind, body and soul for the valuable practice of Yoga Nidra. I hope to share this amazing practice with all those wishing to find that place of peace, of oneness. Thank you Jane.

Piroska Nagy, Bioenergy Healing Practitioner, Castiglione della Pescaia, Italy 

I found Yoga Nidra in a moment of need, looking for something that could help me personally with going deeper and finding answers. The more I knew about it the more I wanted to know. This is how I found Jane. The regular practice, which was part of the course, allowed me to really experience the benefits of Yoga Nidra myself, and trying different scripts really helped me understand the process more. Jane’s feedback was always very helpful and the course gave me a real good preparation for sharing this beautiful process with others. Thank you, Jane!
Carole Abbotts, Yoga Teacher, Richmond-upon-Thames, London

I chose Jane’s particular Yoga Nidra TTC as I felt it offered the best way for me to experience and understand the practice of Yoga Nidra. Learning about it in a workshop or intensive training course didn’t seem to meet this need.  Over the 6 months of the course there is much to learn from a historical and philosophical point of view but there is no substitute for the discipline of a daily practice, which is not possible in a shorter course.

It was fortunate for me that the course coincided with a traumatic period of my life and I have no doubt that the practice of Yoga Nidra helped me survive and not just find a place of peace amongst the turmoil but also the courage to go on.

I have introduced Yoga Nidra to my regular students in class and the response has been very positive.  Moreover, I have created recordings, which have helped non-yoga practitioners with anxiety and sleeping problems.  Thank you Jane for your support during the course!  I unreservedly recommend the course to anyone.

Jackie Barker, South Pool, Kingsbridge, Devon 

“I’ve been a student of Jane’s since early 2009, attending her weekly classes in Sandford near Crediton for a number of years. These weekly sessions were extremely beneficial. I enjoyed the social group and realised how therapeutic yoga was for me both in a mental and physical sense. A few years ago I was no longer unable to attend on a regular basis, as I was busy with a move to a new area of Devon. As a result, I noticed some deterioration in my general physical suppleness, which had improved greatly whilst I was doing regular weekly sessions. So when in the summer of 2014 Jane was able to give me some one to one training I was really pleased to have this opportunity.

Jane has a friendly relaxed teaching style and for her to be able to focus on my individual needs and create a programme to strengthen my personal areas of weakness was invaluable. She is particularly astute at picking up on the areas that need attention. Within the group sessions Jane had always spent time going round the class helping everyone to get the best out of each posture, but there was of course limited time to home in on the specific needs of a class of 12. With the one to one sessions Jane was able to highlight the problem areas I had and tailor a practice that was really beneficial to me, concentrating on the best postures to increase my general fitness and flexibility. She also helped me with some of the breathing exercises that I find difficult, and was very good at gently encouraging me to practice every day!

I would recommend her teaching sessions to anyone.”

Amanda Bland, Devon

Before I began one to one Yoga sessions with Jane, I had not been near a class for many years. When I decided to reconnect with Yoga, I did not feel confident about joining a class. I felt rusty, tired, unfit, and being the less nimble side of 50, it was important to me that my teacher worked with me and appreciated my limitations. Also, suffering the effects of an old knee injury, I wanted someone who understood anatomy and physiology, what I should and shouldn’t do etc.

Right from our first lesson, I felt safe under Jane’s gentle guidance. I knew this was someone I could trust to help me rediscover my body! And rediscover it I have over the past months. Jane has allowed me to work at my own pace and through doing this I have begun to feel reconnected with my muscles, ligaments, joints and emotions. It has been a truly inspirational journey and demonstrates that one is never too old for Yoga. This old dog is certainly learning new tricks, not least of the downward facing variety!

The advantage of one to one classes is that I haven’t had to suffer that insecurity about not doing things correctly, or being pitted against far more supple/clever students which can be daunting. There’s nothing like personal tuition for ensuring the poses are being done correctly. Jane will tailor the class to accommodate anything I might particularly want to learn that day and respects when I don’t want to try something she suggests ‘just yet’!

Others have also noticed the change in me; the weight loss, the more toned body. I joke to Jane that she’s given my body back to me. Without her wise and holistic nurturing, I don’t think I would have the courage to embark on my rediscovery of the joys of Yoga. I now feel confident enough to enrol in a class as I am keen to do more and more.

Jane’s teaching encompasses the whole person, the body and spirit (as Yoga should, of course); the breath work is fantastic and I am learning to use my breath correctly in my Asanas. Her diverse knowledge is incredible and yet she delivers all with a humility and humour that puts the student at ease.

Thank you Jane!

Karen Stennett, New South Wales, Australia

I have really enjoyed the course and I particularly appreciated the opportunity to explore Yoga Nidra in such depth.  I had already completed my Yoga Teacher training, but this course really added to that.  It is very practical and there is time to fully experience the practice. Jane is a wonderful teacher and I have really enjoyed learning from her.
Thanks for everything Jane, I’m really glad that I had the opportunity to join the course from the other side of the world:)

Alaa AbanomiRiyadh

Taking this course and following the practices daily was very good for me on so many levels. The timing was perfect in regards to where I am in my journey of healing and self-discovery. It opened up new aspects of self-inquiry and helped me understand more about the nature of my Self and my mind. I had no idea that Yoga Nidra could be something I could do consistently and follow as a daily practice with deep and tremendous effects. I had always assumed it was just a treat I could give myself only when the alarms of stress already have begun ringing.

Allowing myself time everyday to do this deep inquiry and arriving at the Yoga Nidra state more often, has given me more strength, space and resiliency. Looking back at the past six months, I realize I had few physical illnesses, my body is more at ease, my emotional state has been very stable, my clarity and concentration better than it has been in a very long time. It really has helped me become more grounded, clear and much less edgy and jumpy. My sleep has improved. My ability to access meditative states has accelerated and I can stay in awareness longer. My teachings and understanding of meditation and relaxation have improved and I am able to guide students and help them better.

Trying different scripts was key in developing understanding, patience and openness. It was like trying the same desert made by four chefs. Each had interesting ingredients and flavours. Overall, the experience was enriching and YN has become an important part of my daily life. It has reached the stage where I can do it without a recording and in different life situations and positions. I know there is always room to go deeper and to learn more and I am so open to it.

Andrea Humphreys, Occupational and Cranio-sacral Therapist, New Hartford, New York   
Hi Jane
I have been meaning to write to you!
This fall I was finally called to begin my teaching journey with offering Yoga Nidra. It has been very well received. It has been a nice mix of classes and offering the practice to various communities as well. I have learned so much from my practice and I am grateful to be in a place where not only I can offer it, but that people are ready and needing the practice.
With gratitude,
Jo Gates, UK

I’m so glad I did this course and stuck with it.  The practice has helped me in every aspect of my life, from no longer having panic attacks to sleeping like a baby again.  I plan to share the practice with clients, and it will always be part of my life.  The discipline of almost daily practice has also made me far more disciplined in all areas, which is a huge bonus.

Thanks Jane, it’s a great course.  Namaste.

Sarah Oakley  

I had taught Yoga Nidra before starting this course but, since completing the diploma I feel much more qualified to do so.  My knowledge of the topic has grown dramatically and the discipline required has cemented my personal practice.  As a result I can speak from my heart about Yoga Nidra rather than my intellect.  Rather than finding my “teaching voice” – it helped me find my own voice as I became in touch with myself emotionally and spiritually in ways I had not forseen.  If you are pondering whether to do this course – go for it! – and I’ll eat my yoga pants if you don’t feel the benefit.

Mari. BWY Teacher

“As my training as a Yoga teacher only briefly covered Yoga Nidra, I felt a need to study it in more depth as it is such a valuable practice in its own right. I had been looking for a local Yoga Nidra course for some time without success, so decided to undertake an online course, something I had not done before. After some research I settled on Jane’s Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Course and enrolled in March 2015. I found the course very well structured and enjoyed the modular format. Jane was very approachable and supportive throughout and her guidance notes for the course were extremely helpful. Having completed the course I now have a far greater understanding and appreciation of Yoga Nidra and its many benefits. Not only have I learnt a lot about Yoga Nidra, but also much about myself. I am grateful in having had the opportunity to have undertaken this course of Classical Yoga Nidra with Jane and would thoroughly recommend this to others.”

S H, yoga teacher, UK 

These past few months of study and practice of Yoga Nidra I have learnt a lot, both about this extraordinary ancient practice and myself. I used to think YN was just a fantastic deep relaxation, not realising it is, for me at least, the most complete therapy I know.  I have experienced a wide range of states, from anxiety, sadness, and anger to complete stillness, awareness, love and unity.  I have been able to witness many lifelong habitual responses and release them, without drama or criticism.

I found I am most receptive to the simplicity of the traditional scripts, no bells, whistles or music, just a guide to silence and stillness within.

Abi Nelson, Manchester

The course has changed my life.  Committing to practice minimum 5 days weekly was a challenge in the first month, but the rewards 6 months on are tremendous. Yoga Nidra is now an essential part of my life, it restores me and takes me to a place of peaceful awareness that becomes deeper and richer all the time.  I will be sharing this with my students.  Thank you Jane.

Sara Heath, London

Thanks so much for this course Jane.  Having committed myself to the study and practice of Yoga Nidra these last few months, I am reaping the benefits on all levels.  No more panic attacks, lower BP, really good sleep, and a sense of calm that is only ruffled occasionally.  I’m not a teacher, as you know, but I shall recommend the practice to anyone who’s interested, and it is now a permanent part of my daily life.

Fi Neoh, London

Thank you. I’m thrilled with the result and with the course. I have so greatly appreciated your patience and understanding and all your feedback. I have really enjoyed doing this and I think its such a wonderfully structured course, that you complete it and have everything ready at your disposal to teach and the process teaches and helped me learn so much.  Thank you!
Lesley Powell CPsychol, PhD. APA. RYT, Warwickshire

The Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training, via distance learning with Jane, is an extensive introduction to teaching yoga to expectant parents. Jane clearly has a wealth and depth of knowledge in this vast topic area and shares this, providing adequate notes and suggested reading material along with the opportunity to attend workshops to help consolidate learning. Jane also provides constructive feedback on all assignments. The material covered for each assignment is extensive and enables the student to gain in-depth knowledge of the topics covered, and the confidence to deliver this knowledge to the intended mums-to-be and fathers too. It has been a pleasure to work with Jane (again), and I look forward to further study, and meeting in the future. 

Andrea Truscott Torquay, Devon

Jane’s course encouraged me through my own pregnancy. Its design, syllabus, content and length allowed me to study during and after pregnancy and it’s practical content has equipped me with the knowledge and structure to market, prepare and deliver classes confidently.

Jill Booth BSc TCM (Acupuncture)

I have recently completed the Fertility Yoga Teacher Training course and can highly recommend it to all yoga teachers wishing to specialise in this area. I am also an acupuncturist with a special interest in fertlility, so I know how thorough the course content is. It gives you exactly what you need to know without overloading you too much. Jane was very efficient with her replies to questions and assignments are always returned promptly. Thank you Jane for all your help and encouragement over the last few months and I hope to continue my studies with you in the future.

Thanks again Jane! Namaste, Jill 

Lesley Powell CPsychol, PhD. APA. RYT, Warwickshire
 Having completed the Fertility Yoga Teacher Training, via distance learning, Jane’s yoga experience and expertise, combined with her knowledge and understanding of the topic are evident as they shine through in her assignment feedback, providing eloquent and constructive comments, guidance, encouragement, and support. The material covered for each assignment is extensive, and enables the student to gain in-depth knowledge of the topics covered, and the confidence to deliver this knowledge to the intended recipients. It has been a pleasure to work with Jane, and I look forward to further study with her, and meeting in the future.

Elisabeth Barron, Inverurie, Aberdeenshire  PranaMamaYoga
 The Classical Yoga Pre and Postnatal Yoga course is enjoyable as well as thorough and covers pregnancy, birth and postnatal recovery with compassion, understanding and support for the fact that every mother and child is unique. I embarked on the course when I was pregnant with my second child and found that practicing the techniques have only enriched my experience as a mum.  With little ones at home and a husband that works away a lot, the online learning approach coupled with weekend workshops worked really well for my family.  Assignments are marked and returned quickly with lots of positive suggestions and encouragement. I have experienced a real sense of achievement after completing the course and can’t wait to share this knowledge with pregnant women and new mums in the North East of Scotland. Jane – I’m so grateful that you have designed this course and also for your ongoing support and encouragement.  Thank you! 

Lindsay Cardwell, Aberystwyth, West Wales  Relaxing Holistics 
“I can whole heartedly recommend this course, I really enjoyed it. As well as having the course materials provided, the way the test questions are set encourages you to do your own research, which really helps expand your knowledge base. Jane is a very supportive tutor, happy to discuss anything you need clarification or guidance on and modules are marked and returned quickly with great feedback – you also get the chance for a totally blissful practical study weekend in Devon! ”

Hayley Barnes, Kinloss  Beautiful Bumps and Beyond
 Jane, I would like to say a huge thank you for all your support, knowledge and experience that you have shared with me over the past few months. The course has been absolutely wonderful, and has not only allowed me to teach prenatal yoga but it has also enhanced my antenatal couples’ teaching. I can’t wait to complete my postnatal course. Thank you again. x

Sarah Oakley, Hertfordshire  Hi Jane, thank you so much for putting this course together. I met you in person on your weekend workshop and this course has been a great compliment to that. It has been very thorough and enjoyable, and I have benefited from your knowledge greatly. I am so happy to be teaching pregnant and post natal ladies all that I have learnt. Thanks again!

Rocci Pearson, Bedfordshire   Roccibyeyoga
 The course content was informative and detailed, Jane was always available if any extra questions arose and was very encouraging and supportive.

Christelle Donaghy, Pregnancy Yoga Teacher, Nurse, Bowen Therapist, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria I’d been practicing Yoga for a number of years, but it was only when I got pregnant with my third baby that I felt the need to share what I’d been experiencing. I was looking for a teacher who was honest, experienced and who would share a quality course that would qualify me as a teacher. I rang Jane and I felt a strong connection with her straight away. She took time to listen and to answer all my questions. I felt reassured. I wanted to get a qualification but not just a piece a paper to put on the wall. The content of the course is clear, organised, and well thought through. But the best part about Jane is her feedback. She really takes time to read your assessments. I loved reading her comments and respect her even more when she came back with some “negative” feedback. It gave me time to think through my work and to make it better. I wanted to feel that I can give a safe and fun class and now that is what I do. Jane followed my work and my pregnancy. She became a friend. She was and will be beside me for the future. I know that I can go back to her anytime.

Nora Sanders, Plymouth, Devon
  Many thanks Jane for a wonderfully exciting and rewarding course. The course material was thorough and very inspiring. Your support and feedback for assessments was always very helpful and very prompt. Overall thanks to your course I feel confident and very prepared to begin launching my pregnancy yoga teaching work.

Katie Dickinson  Sheffied Yoga Class
 Jane’s Diploma in Pre and Postnatal Yoga Teaching gave me an invaluable opportunity to study at home (mainly whilst my youngest son was asleep!!). The course has given me a wealth of knowledge and confidence that I will integrate into my teaching of both general and pre and postnatal classes. Jane provided encouragement, guidance and constructive feedback throughout the course; whilst at the same time giving me the opportunity to express my own knowledge and style of teaching; she is very intuitive and her wisdom is passed on with an open heart. I would highly recommend both the online course and the workshops to anyone who is looking to attain a qualification in pre and postnatal yoga. I am intending to set up my first Prenatal Yoga Class in the next couple of months and would like to thank Jane for all of her support during the last year. Namaste.

Lucy Cawdron, Power yoga teacher & personal trainer, Suffolk, UK 
I decided to add pre/post natal yoga to my qualifications after discovering I was pregnant with my first baby. I had been teaching yoga for over 5 years and when I discovered Jane’s course I thought what an amazing opportunity. Right from the start Jane guided me the whole way through the course; any questions I had were answered immediately. The course was perfect for me, as I was able to fit it in around my work and home life. It was easy to follow and covered all aspects of pregnancy and teaching, so I now feel confident and ready to teach pregnancy yoga. I would also recommend Jane’s prenatal workshops; this proved to be an amazingly helpful experience and I was totally inspired by Jane and her way of teaching.  I would definitely recommend the course. Thank you Jane. Namaste.

Camilla Martin Di Miaolo, Raphele-les-Arles, France  Pranava Yoga

Doing the pre and postnatal online yoga course with Jane has been a fulfilling and rewarding experience in ways that I could not have anticipated or expected from a distance-learning course. Here was me thinking that I would be learning about anatomy and physiology and the physical aspects of yoga for pregnancy. But the course work delves much deeper into each participant’s own personal experiences and creates a space to reflect and to find the answers from within. The course work not only involves learning the fundamentals of teaching pre and postnatal yoga classes it also requires you to think about what yoga means to YOU, how YOU felt and feel about the pregnancy, birthing and baby experience. I was able to confront and deal with personal issues with regards to my own practice and life as a yogini mother. Jane’s constant reassurance and encouragement has instilled me with a renewed confidence and enthusiasm for my choice to follow yoga as a way of life. Thank you Jane.

Charlie Quan Griffin, Brighton  CQ Mind and Body

After searching for an online pre natal yoga course I discovered Jane, and even though I had my reservations about online study for such a physical topic, Jane immediately set my mind at rest through her positive and professional manner. Every step of the way I was guided extremely well, each module bringing the perfect balance of knowledge and confidence. Thank you Jane – I have learnt so much and feel completely prepared. You have given me the excitement and knowledge to teach pre/post natal yoga. I feel very lucky that I found you on the Internet – a truly fantastic teacher!

Penny Constantinou  Baby Massage, Herts
 I would thoroughly recommend the pre and postnatal teaching diploma to anyone who has a desire to teach yoga to pregnant and postnatal ladies. The course equips you with an abundance of knowledge including asanas, pranayama, meditation and relaxation for each stage of pregnancy, labour and beyond. The modules are clear with excellent course literature and good recommendations for other supporting literature. The modules set are really enjoyable and challenging and have proved invaluable when teaching. The handouts and lesson plans one has to design have also been vital not only in my learning but subsequent teaching. Jane’s support has been wonderful; she is always available by phone or email and provides extremely prompt and knowledgeable feedback and advice. Thank you Jane, I am loving every minute.

  • May the long time sun 
shine upon you, 
all love surround you,
 and the pure light within you
, guide your way on.   Incredible String Band