Trauma Informed Yoga Nidra Teacher Training

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Trauma Informed Yoga Nidra Teacher Training

This online Trauma Informed Yoga Nidra Teacher Training course fulfills the US Yoga Alliance’s CE non-contact 3-year requirement (20 CE’s). Weekend workshops accrue 14 hours CPD/CE credits.

100 hours average requirement for completion, comprising 20 hours per module study, research and assignment responses, plus personal Yoga Nidra practice hours.

For healthcare and trauma professionals, yoga teachers and individuals who have a regular personal Yoga Nidra practice of at least 6 months.

The course provides a comprehensive understanding of what trauma, grief, chronic stress and PTSD/PTSI (post-traumatic stress injury) are, and how to teach Yoga Nidra sessions that will enable students/clients to move gently through trauma, chronic stress and grief towards post traumatic growth. There is a focus on grief – losses experienced by so many are often traumatic; grief doesn’t always contain trauma, but trauma almost always contains grief.

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Course Overview

The course examines the causes and consequences of trauma and chronic stress. Whilst military trauma is covered briefly, the focus of this course is on civilian, non-combat trauma and its prevalence (PTSD is more prevalent in the civilian, non-combat, general population than it is in military serving and retired personnel). Chronic stress, burnout, post-traumatic stress, PTSD, traumatic grief, miscarriage and loss are examined in detail from a physiological, emotional, mental and spiritual perspective.

Detailed course outline

The course then examines why most cognitive/medication-based treatments are unable to provide significant long-term improvement for sufferers, and why appropriate Yoga Nidra practice can and does provide long term healing and attenuation of symptoms.

Most of us are taught how to acquire things in life; few are taught that significant loss is inevitable for almost all of us, far less how to deal with it when it occurs. Grief is a normal human response to loss, but this doesn’t make it any easier to bear the pain we feel on every level.

The course studies the nature and reality of trauma and grief, their on-going impact, and how Yoga Nidra practice provides solace, resilience and self-compassion on the path to post-traumatic growth. To offer effective trauma sensitive Yoga Nidra, it is essential to understand how it feels to be traumatised, and how the body, brain and spirit are affected.

The course aim is to enable healthcare professionals and individuals to deepen their understanding of trauma and its consequences, and  how to enable trauma sufferers to heal/reduce the imprint of trauma on all levels through appropriate Yoga Nidra practice.

On successful completion you will be equipped to offer well-informed, effective, safe teaching to those affected by trauma and chronic stress.

Jane, the course author, has experienced significant trauma and loss, both recent and remote. She created the course in the hope that it will help others who find themselves floored by devastating trauma and grief.