PTSD Course Outline

Trauma Informed Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra Trauma Informed

THe qualification

This online Trauma Informed Yoga Nidra Teacher Training course fulfills the US Yoga Alliance’s CE non-contact 3-year requirement (20 CE’s). Weekend workshops accrue 14 hours CPD/CE credits.

This 6-month course combines daily Yoga Nidra practice, online study and optional weekend workshops to deepen your experience and understanding of how Yoga Nidra heals trauma, grief and chronic stress. It doesn’t allow us to leapfrog over painful aspects of this journey, but it does hold us safely and tenderly as we confront and then release them.

Studying and practising YN over many months allows the benefits to become embedded, and understanding of the practice to deepen – this is not something that can be achieved solely from an intensive YN retreat. Like all forms of meditation, YN must become part of daily life. It’s not a quick fix (although just one practice will reduce stress levels immediately); the deep and lasting benefits are cumulative and come from commitment to this practice.

Yoga Nidra Trauma Informed

The modules

3 modules; 100 hours average requirement for completion – 20 hours per module study, research and assignment responses, plus personal Yoga Nidra practice. 

3 assignments per module

Create a 3-month treatment plan for an individual or group

Create and deliver your own YN script

Submit monthly summaries of your YN personal practice

Skype with your tutor for 45 mins

On successful completion of this course you will have the confidence and necessary skills to transform your own life through continued practice of Yoga Nidra, and to guide others to do the same.

Yoga Nidra Trauma Informed


The assignments are designed to consolidate your knowledge and understanding of trauma in all its forms, consequences of untreated post traumatic stress, the profound importance of resilience building and deep relaxation to counteract hyper-vigilance and triggering using Yoga Nidra practices.  Working with an individual/small group over a 3 month period – creating, implementing and assessing a treatment plan.

NB A late completion fee of £75.00 will be implemented if you don’t meet the 6-month deadline, unless unforeseen circumstances make this genuinely impossible.

Course Materials

Embedded within the 3 modules are links to relevant articles, books and audiovisual reference sources from experts in the field of trauma and trauma informed yoga.

In addition to the course text, the required reading books The Body Keeps the Score (Bessel van der Kolk) and The Wild Edge of Sorrow (Francis Weller) are invaluable  lifelong resources. You will also receive a YN recording and several written scripts to help you take the slog out of writing your own script.