The Culturium

The Culturium

Friday, September 8, 2023

"A compendium of transcendental and ineffable offerings from our artistic and spiritual heritage"

Paula Marvelly, curator 

Whilst researching material for the new Himalayan Tradition Yoga Nidra course earlier this year, I asked out loud – ‘if only I could find a site which showcases some of the extraordinary beauty that is boundless, beyond words, literally awe-inspiring’.

This prayer was answered within a couple of days - I came across Miriam L. Simons and this wonderful site, then Miriam kindly directed me to the Culturium and Paula Marvelly.

Since then I have frequently been immersed in the beauty of this site, best described by Paula herself:-

“The Culturium explores the way in which mystical spirituality manifests through the cultural arts. It is devoted, therefore, to showcasing the compositions of writers, filmmakers, artists, performers, musicians, philosophers, sages and poets who have delved deep into the silence within and created work that is timeless, wise and beautiful.

We sincerely hope, therefore, that The Culturium offers you a reflective and meaningful visit by celebrating a compendium of transcendental and ineffable offerings from our artistic and spiritual heritage”.

This site is a haven, a retreat from the depressing and destructive news that abounds, if you consume any of it.  A beautiful reminder that we are all one, that we share this extraordinary planet earth, that love is boundless in its form and expression, and that ‘the peace which passeth all understanding’ like love, is boundless.

I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Personal photo  - The Barn, Dartington Hall, Rabindranath Tagore quote

 “Our essential nature is boundless consciousness.  We are rooted in it when the mind focuses and settles.” 

Yoga Sutras 1.3