This Yoga Nidra online teacher training course consists of 4 modules, outlined below, each with a 3 or 4-question assignment.  

Module 1 – History and development of Yoga Nidra; Yoga Nidra – defining what it is and what it is not; is Yoga Nidra a form of hypnosis?; comparing classical and contemporary approaches to the practice; structure of Yoga Nidra practice; developing your own practice.

Module 2 – The physiology of relaxation; stress and brainwaves; sankalpa, rotation of consciousness, opposites, visualisations; meditation and Yoga Nidra; the physical benefits of Yoga Nidra; the mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of Yoga Nidra.

Module 3 – Recorded Yoga Nidra scripts; Yoga Nidra without a script; Yoga Nidra scripts for ‘live’ practice; creating your own Yoga Nidra script and recording; koshas, chakras and symbols; mantras and chants; silence.

Module 4 – Introducing Yoga Nidra to students; Yoga Nidra workshops; one-to-one sessions; Yoga Nidra for specific conditions; Yoga Nidra for children and young people; adverse reactions.

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