Simon Bowmer, mental health nurse, mindfulness based teacher, ACT therapist, UK

It was useful to further share YN experiences/insights with people who had experience of using YN either for themselves or other people. The discussions around trauma/PTSD were very informative and current with the latest research and treatment options, medical and non-medical.

Being amongst likeminded people with experience and knowledge of YN, interested in its application for Trauma/ PTSD, grief and chronic stress could be useful in healing. I enjoyed the Yoga stretches as someone who has not come from a Yoga background.

Everyone’s contribution was relevant, genuine, honest and heartfelt and Jane led the weekend very well as always. It was a nice combination of theoretical aspects and practice. I left on the Sunday feeling very refreshed rejuvenated and restored which continued long into the day afterwards…thank you Jane for another brilliant weekend in Berry Pomeroy.  

Mandy Symons, yoga teacher, massage therapist

The simplicity of presentation/discussion. Sharing life experiences and doing that amount of practice as a group.  Jane, thank you, I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. I’d rather like a weekend simply delving into various practises and discussing further.

Giles Cleghorn, osteopath, yoga teacher

I enjoyed it. I have had a difficult time in the past few months and relaxing with nice people was simply delightful. I have found YN difficult to do with so much in my mind. Reconnecting with it was fantastic.  Thanks for having me…. : )  

Paul Khosa, cranio-sacral therapist, yoga teacher

It was a great weekend – thank you Jane.  Paul

Jon and Mari Dixon

To be able to practice YN in a small group in a quiet and peaceful environment, guided by very knowledgeable, caring and supportive teacher. Yes, very helpful to hear others points of view and experiences.

We both thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and do not feel that there is anything that could be improved upon. We would most definitely attend another Yoga Nidra workshop with Jane and would recommend this to anyone wanting to experience and/or deepen their knowledge of this invaluable practice.  

Jon and Mari Dixon, Hampshire

I learned so much about yoga nidra on many different levels and felt really comfortable in the group, Jane explains things so clearly and simply as a newcomer to yoga nidra I was inspired to learn and practice more. Jane’s attention to detail with the venue and our lovely meal on Sunday was heart-warming; I would say the presentation and how Jane managed to get the group to share experiences was really valuable. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend, I think everything was perfect, thankyou.

Tracy Dalton Totnes, Devon

Plenty of time to discuss our experiences and ask questions. Having time to practice several different scripts, lots of time for discussion and sharing experiences. I enjoyed and found value in all of it.

Cheryl Booker, Hampshire

Giving it a go, having no fear, I felt great for days after like a spring-clean for my mind and body.  I’m trying Yoga Nidra at home now.  Best bits were Jane reading the scripts and tapping me very time I fell asleep. 

Miles Landesman, Totnes, Devon 

Practicing Yoga Nidra with different scripts, interesting to reflect in the group discussion. The first day was very powerful, I did feel a change for the better.  Absolutely I enjoyed it, what a lovely group of people. I positively recommend Jane’s style of teaching. 

Kate Andrews, Totnes, Devon

I think the most important part of the course for me were the conversations about Acceptance.  Related to this was the discussion as to whether affirmations are in fact another request to the Divine for ‘more please’. A word I have been trying to focus on for some time now, at the end of my morning stretches (which I try to take the pressure off myself by not calling ‘yoga’), is ‘Gratitude’.  I do indeed have a lot to be grateful for and it is good for me to recall this regularly as I can get lost in the nitty gritty of daily tasks and whinges and pressures.  But there seems to be a subtle difference between Acceptance and Gratitude, which I hadn’t thought about before your course.  Acceptance includes what is not comfortable, or even what is painful and unsatisfactory.  Gratitude seems to only want to focus on what is good and comfortable and happy.

I haven’t yet thought this through to completion – and in fact I think it is probably something to consider over many years.  A WIP as you say!  But in the peace of the Berry Pomeroy hall, and with your thoughtful, elegant, feminine, tough and kind self guiding us, I have at least started to think on this. This tallies with an excellent book I have just read by Will Storr called Selfie, which talks about the ‘growth movement’ and its historical origins in America and is quite critical of some of the implications of the endless quest for ‘self improvement’.

Thank you.  Anna G x

A chance to experience different forms of YN and discus the differences with you and the other students. I did enjoy the weekend, thank you. Well – it was very, very good.  

Giles Cleghorn

I very much enjoyed the weekend. It was sooo good of Sarah to share her experience having recently completed the 6 months (what a gem!). I feel inwardly very peaceful …thank you everyone who shared the weekend! The practice & feeling safely held by Jane and the group. I feel the content was perfect for me. Not bombarded by info and diving into practice … Jane, your voice and presence is reassuring; delightful. Mandy Symons 

Peaceful venue and totally conducive for this practice. No one talked over anyone else, people respected each other. Learning about YN, I had a feeling like I was on retreat for the whole weekend. The content was a good balance of theory but more so practice. I very much enjoyed the whole structure and content and the differing styles of YN.

Learning some stretches/yoga. Sharing food together. The wonderful experiential learning of Yoga Nidra practice, Jane shared with the group how this ancient practice has benefitted her from a significant and traumatic life event with the loss of her son. The feeling of being totally relaxed and balanced at the end.  Simon Bowmer

It was an absolute pleasure participating in the workshop, I have come away with a deeper understanding of Yoga Nidra and have made new connections with lovely people. Jane teaches straight from the heart and is so real and down-to-earth. She is a true follower of Yoga Nidra (and Yoga Asana), which means discipline and hard work, this is very much shirked away from in this age of re-packaged, quick-fix, glammed-up yoga! Jane is a true yogini in my opinion.

Being able to meet Jane in person, connecting with others and clarify my understanding of Yoga Nidra. Although I have completed the online course, attending this workshop has really helped crystallize my understanding of YN and I now feel better prepared and more confident for running my own classes. Thank You Jane x  Sarah Bradbury

I absolutely loved it, I found it very valuable, insightful and rich in exploration of different elements and ways of viewing the different approaches and instructors. Hearing about the group’s experiences helped me understand considerations that are needed for running it as a class. The venue was perfect, really quiet and in such a beautiful, peaceful and idyllic setting. Jane’s style of teaching was very informative, inclusive, explorative and her warm caring ways made the experience feel so comfortable and safe. It is clear Jane is an expert in Yoga Nidra and I will look forward to continuing to study and professionally develop with Jane in the future. Melissa Makan

Reintroduction to Richard Miller. The opportunity to ask questions – my question about the path to teaching was answered perfectly! Rob Rickey

“Sharing experience, and the different styles of delivery were the most valuable aspects for me.” Carmel Small

“Sharing and connections. Fastening some aspects of knowledge. Yes enjoyed the contact of like-minded souls and the connection was lovely.” Andrew Small

“It created a rich cauldron of all our experiences and input and I so welcome that. For me too many workshops are directive more than collective and I love how each person was able to be a valued part of the weekend with their input, feedback and insights.

Thank you so much Jane for your lovely presence, thought and care and for all the behind~the~scenes energy and Heart you put into ensuring we were informed, fed, comfortably held, connected and well educated this weekend!

Overall, I feel I understand the healing potential, depth and possibility that nidra has in my life and how underrated it is in its potential. I understand more now, that Yoga Nidra is a deeper dimensional pathway to drop into parts of myself and my consciousness that I know are part of me and our existence beyond the mundane aspects of daily life.

‘Dropping in deeply’…and ‘a powerful pathway to touch my original state’ are words that spring to mind after my YN weekend. Thank you so much Jane for a rich and wonderful weekend and all you put in to make it so lovely.”  Katz Cowley

“I felt fascinated and absorbed by the whole experience; we were all open and willing to share our own experience. The most valuable aspect for me was realizing that I could follow the Yoga Nidra for a whole hour. Not really knowing what to expect from this weekend workshop it ended with a wonderful experience to cherish.” Marie Sulsh

“Just to say a big thank you – the weekend was fabulous and just what I needed. You have great skill as a teacher, your kindness and love of yoga and your students shines through.” Linda Morley