April 2017 Yoga Nidra Workshop Feedback

“Sharing experience, and the different styles of delivery were the most valuable aspects for me.” Carmel Small

“Sharing and connections. Fastening some aspects of knowledge. Yes enjoyed the contact of like-minded souls and the connection was lovely.” Andrew Small

“It created a rich cauldron of all our experiences and input and I so welcome that. For me too many workshops are directive more than collective and I love how each person was able to be a valued part of the weekend with their input, feedback and insights.

Thank you so much Jane for your lovely presence, thought and care and for all the behind~the~scenes energy and Heart you put into ensuring we were informed, fed, comfortably held, connected and well educated this weekend!

Overall, I feel I understand the healing potential, depth and possibility that nidra has in my life and how underrated it is in its potential. I understand more now, that Yoga Nidra is a deeper dimensional pathway to drop into parts of myself and my consciousness that I know are part of me and our existence beyond the mundane aspects of daily life.

‘Dropping in deeply’…and ‘a powerful pathway to touch my original state’ are words that spring to mind after my YN weekend. Thank you so much Jane for a rich and wonderful weekend and all you put in to make it so lovely.”  Katz Cowley www.katzcowley.com

“I felt fascinated and absorbed by the whole experience; we were all open and willing to share our own experience. The most valuable aspect for me was realizing that I could follow the Yoga Nidra for a whole hour. Not really knowing what to expect from this weekend workshop it ended with a wonderful experience to cherish.” Marie Sulsh

“Just to say a big thank you – the weekend was fabulous and just what I needed. You have great skill as a teacher, your kindness and love of yoga and your students shines through.” Linda Morley