Trauma Informed Yoga Course Outline

This online Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Training course fulfills the US Yoga Alliance’s CE non-contact 3-year requirement (20 CE’s). Weekend workshops accrue 14 hours CPD/CE credits.

100 hours average requirement for completion – 20 hours per module study, research and assignment responses.

The course is suitable for experienced yoga teachers, students, individuals and health care professionals with a minimum of 2 years’ experience teaching and/or committed home practice wishing to deepen their practice and understanding of Trauma Informed Yoga, or Trauma Sensitive Yoga, both for self-development and in preparation for teaching.

Module content outlines are below; each module has 3 assignments 

Module 1 – Defining trauma, its causes, degrees and consequences; chronic stress, burn out and vulnerability to trauma; different treatment approaches to PTS, PTSI/PTSD; yoga therapy as an effective treatment; stress, trauma and the 5 koshas.

Module 2 – The stress response; co-morbidities of chronic stress; how un-integrated PTS can become PTSI/PTSD; erosion of resilience; complex PTSI; behavioral changes; integrating trauma; proprioception and interoception.

Module 3 – Grief and loss; 5 stages of loss; 4 tasks of mourning; effects of grief on all levels; different cultural approaches to grief; simple grief, complicated grief, traumatic grief; PTSI yoga and mindfulness; the myth of closure; transcending grief and trauma – towards post-traumatic growth (PTG)

Module 4 – Agency, empowerment; restorative yoga for grief and trauma; the breath; targeting specific areas to release grief; developing resilience and motivation; Yoga Nidra

Module 5  Teaching TIY; key areas of post-traumatic growth; measuring progress; re-wiring the relaxation response, attenuating the stress response; the breath; small groups and one to ones; home practice – the key to recovery.