Pre-requisites for enrolment:

 1 You have completed the Classical Yoga UK Yoga Nidra TT, or a similar course.  You usually have a daily YN practice of at least 6 months’ standing, and knowledge of the structure and history of both traditional and contemporary YN.

 2 You are able to practice YN for at least 30 mins 5 times a week for the duration of the course, which must be completed within 6 months.

Suitable for:

Subject to the criteria above, the course is open to people from any discipline –  healthcare and trauma professionals, therapists, yoga teachers and practitioners, individuals who have experienced trauma or treat those with PTSD/I – all are welcome; this is a totally inclusive practice available to all.

Yoga Nidra is not just for yoga practitioners!  Individuals and therapists of all ages and backgrounds are using this exceptional healing method.  YN potentially will reach far more people when it’s not attached to yoga classes, because many people feel intimidated by yoga, often with good reason.  

Many have completed the 6-month Classical Yoga YN TT – osteopaths, counsellors, massage therapists, yoga teachers, mindfulness teachers, addiction counsellors, Pilates instructors.  They then offer YN training and personalised CDs to their clients as an adjunct therapy.

Some important points to bear in mind:

For many who suffer from PTSI, self-care, deep relaxation and monitoring stress levels need to be life-long practices.

Yoga Nidra is not suitable for those with psychosis, schizophrenia, or some individuals disturbed after abuse of hallucinogenic and/or stimulant drugs, including some types of cannabis.