Jackie Barker, South Pool, Kingsbridge, Devon  7th November 2016
“I’ve been a student of Jane’s since early 2009, attending her weekly yoga classes in Sandford near Crediton for a number of years.  These weekly sessions were extremely beneficial.  I enjoyed the social group and realised how therapeutic yoga was for me both in a mental and physical sense.

A few years ago I was no longer able to get to the sessions on a regular basis as I was busy with a move to a new area of Devon. As a result, I began to notice a deterioration in my general physical suppleness which had greatly improved whilst I was doing regular weekly sessions.   So when in the summer of 2014 Jane was able to give me some one-to-one training I was really pleased to have this opportunity.

Jane has a friendly relaxed teaching style and for her to be able to focus on my individual needs and build a programme of exercises that could help me to strengthen my personal areas of weakness was invaluable.  She is particularly astute at picking up on the areas that need to be worked on.  Within the group sessions Jane had always spent time going round the class helping each person to get the best out of each exercise but there was of course limited time to home in on the specific needs of each person.  With the one-to-one sessions Jane was able to highlight the particular problem areas I had and tailor a practice session that was really beneficial to me, concentrating on the most useful exercises to increase my general fitness and flexibility.  She was also able to help me with some of the breathing exercises that I find difficult and was very good at gently encouraging me to try to practice each day!

I would recommend her teaching sessions to anyone.”

Amanda Bland, Devon, October 2016

Before I began one to one Yoga sessions with Jane, I had not been near a class for many years. When I decided to reconnect with Yoga, I did not feel confident about joining a class. I felt rusty, tired, unfit, and being the less nimble side of 50, it was important to me that my teacher worked with me and appreciated my limitations. Also, suffering the effects of an old knee injury, I wanted someone who understood anatomy and physiology, what I should and shouldn’t do etc.

Right from our first lesson, I felt safe under Jane’s gentle guidance. I knew this was someone I could trust to help me rediscover my body! And rediscover it I have over the past months. Jane has allowed me to work at my own pace and through doing this I have begun to feel reconnected with my muscles, ligaments, joints and emotions. It has been a truly inspirational journey and demonstrates that one is never too old for Yoga. This old dog is certainly learning new tricks, not least of the downward facing variety!

The advantage of one to one classes is that I haven’t had to suffer that insecurity about not doing things correctly, or being pitted against far more supple/clever students which can be daunting. There’s nothing like personal tuition for ensuring the poses are being done correctly. Jane will tailor the class to accommodate anything I might particularly want to learn that day and respects when I don’t want to try something she suggests ‘just yet’!

Others have also noticed the change in me; the weight loss, the more toned body. I joke to Jane that she’s given my body back to me. Without her wise and holistic nurturing, I don’t think I would have the courage to embark on my rediscovery of the joys of Yoga. I now feel confident enough to enrol in a class as I am keen to do more and more.

Jane’s teaching encompasses the whole person, the body and spirit (as Yoga should, of course); the breath work is fantastic and I am learning to use my breath correctly in my Asanas. Her diverse knowledge is incredible and yet she delivers all with a humility and humour that puts the student at ease.

Thank you Jane!