Course Aims:

To understand the symptoms and consequences of trauma and grief on all levels, how common civilian trauma is, and how it can be treated.

To deepen your experience and understanding of Yoga Nidra and its efficacy in treating PTSI/PTSD, grief, chronic stress and burnout. 

To bring the inclusive practice of Yoga Nidra, a highly effective, compassionate and safe tool, to a wide audience – it works for everyone and is not exclusive to yoga practitioners. In fact those with no preconceptions or expectations of the practice can be the most receptive to it.

To promote the integration of Yoga Nidra practice with all healing modalities, using familiar, inclusive language and concepts.  

To be familiar with the research and evidence that verify the claims made for this practice, and how it treats, stress, addictions, trauma, grief, PTSD, depression, anxiety and insomnia.

  • The wound is the place where the light enters you.  ~ Rumi